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Dr. Raymond Vander Wal

Dear Friend,

Let me encourage you to continue in your education.

The Word of God has the answer to life, its problems, and the future. The Bible is the only source that answers: who you are, where you come from, and where you are going. It has the power to save your soul and change your life. So you can change others.

Dr. Raymond Vander Wal
Director, External Studies

Jacksonville Baptist Theological Seminary is a nonprofit, private institution of higher learning chartered by the State of Florida and governed by a board of trustees. We operate under the guidelines of Florida’s State Board of Independent Colleges and Universities and are exempt from licensure by the State of Florida under section 246.085(3)(a), Florida statutes.

JBTS is uniquely Baptist. Unlike conventional institutions, we have no financial base of support from conventions or associations but enjoy endorsement, commendation, cooperation, and support of many Baptist ministers, denominational leaders, and churches. The seminary faculty and Board of Trustees are committed to Biblical conservatism and evangelical theory.

The external program makes it possible for students to achieve their education goals while enabling them to continue their ministry or employment without attending classes on campus. This allows the external student to receive seminary training without having to relocate to a distant area. Classes are held at 1490 N.E. 162 St., North Miami Beach, every Saturday. Tuesday and Thursday evenings classes TBA.

Year-round Program
External students may enroll at any time during the year and may proceed with their studies at their own pace. The external program utilizes either audio tapes or video tapes of the courses. Written assignments are made and the student returns the assignments to the campus for evaluation. All degrees and diplomas issued by JBTS are the same for both resident and external studies. The director of external studies as well as other professors are available to counsel and guide the students who choose external studies.

1490 NE 162nd St.,
North Miami Beach FL, 33162
Tel. #: (305) 931-7298 or (305) 495-7842

The graduation services are held the third week of May each year at: Mandrin Baptist Church, 11244 San Jose Boulevard, Jacksonville, Florida 32223. All Students are encouraged to attend the graduation banquet and services. The diplomas issued to resident and external students are identical in nature. The diplomas are professional in their composition and are suitable for framing. Class rings are also available.

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